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Documenting Your Projects: Why to Hire a Professional Photographer


Hiring a professional photographer can level up your portfolio

Everyone today has a phone with a built-in camera so it can be tempting to snap a few photos of your current project on your phone and quickly upload them to social media. A new phone can take decent photos on its own and many beginner designers do decide to go this route, but proper interior design photography requires a little more effort to get those eye-catching photos you see in beautiful editorials and online. Attention to detail is a key factor in interior design photos and you will have to work around perspective, lighting, staging, and post-production for every project.

Brand Storytelling

As an interior designer, your online presence is everything. Your social media content and portfolio tell the story of your brand to future clients and you want to make sure the story being told aligns with your vision. You put a lot of hard work and time into your projects and want future clients to see that through your photos as they most likely won’t be seeing your projects in person. First impressions are important, especially when you’re competing with tons of local designers. Naturally, you want your work to stand out against the rest whether it’s on your social media, website, or portfolio.

You could be the best designer in your area and put everything into your projects, but clients will never know about your brand and vision if they can’t see it. Most clients don’t have the professional eye to see a designer’s potential through lackluster photos. This can end up doing more harm to your brand than good; you’re putting in extra work to get clients because your portfolio isn’t convincing them on its own.

Going the extra mile by investing in your brand

By hiring a professional photographer you’re showing that you’re willing to go the extra mile to invest in your brand with high-quality photos that properly express your vision to detail.

Once you start getting bigger projects, showcase them with pride and start investing in quality photos to level up your business. Photography is one of the few brand marketing expenses you will need to spend money on since social media is free, so it ends up being more of an investment than an expense once new clients start pouring in.

Stand out from the competition


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High-quality photos hold value against your competition, this is your chance to set yourself apart from the rest and be taken more seriously as an interior designer. Other designers as well as future clients will look to your designs for inspiration because they can’t help but be drawn in to the attention to detail.

Great pictures always grab attention and the aesthetic and atmosphere you bring to any space should be shown through the hard work you put into every project. A photographer who understands your brand and vision can help express that through your future projects.

Amanda Hockman

Project Manager

Amanda Hockman

Amanda is a copywriter and project manager for Justin Cole Photography.